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We grow wonderful fresh strawberries on our farm.  We sell them already picked.  You just have to pick them out of our cooler.  We also have U-pick strawberries.  The season is about 3 weeks long.  They start in mid to late June depending on the weather.

It is best to call and check the availabilty before you come to our farm.  320-275-2622

We have wonderful local teenagers that pick the berries for you.  so the prepicked berries are available after 9 am, while they last.  They are first come first serve.  Prepicked berries in 3 quart containers are $4.50 per pound, in 7 - 8 quart flats they are $3.75 per pound. 

U-PICK****** starts at 7 am each day until picked out that day.  We only pick in the morning, weather permitting, and get picked out very early, especially the first week.  We pick a different section of our patch every day once we start, so call ahead for availability.  U-Pick is also first come first serve, we do not make reservations.  U-pick berries are $2.25 per pound.  Bring your own bucket or container and fill them up.

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Have a berry nice day!


Minnesota strawberries are worth the wait!  

Minnesota berry growers are reporting fields full of big, beautiful blooms that promise to become sweet, juicy berries for you to pick. Make plans to get out and go local at one of the more than 85 Minnesota Grown strawberry farms in the Minnesota Grown Directory.  The abundant moisture helps berry plants produce large fruit. Anyone who's ever tasted a fresh-picked Minnesota strawberry knows that they're well worth the wait!


Strawberry plants are perennials, which means they grow and bloom in the spring and die back in the fall. The plant then regrows from the same root-stock the following spring. Strawberry plants become less productive as time goes on and most growers replaced them every 2-3 years. On average, it takes 30 days from bloom to ripe berry which is how berry growers are able to predict the start of the season.

 The length of the season can change dramatically depending on the weather. Spikes in temperatures can accelerate ripening and shorten the harvest. On average, strawberry season can last for 3-4 weeks however each year is different and the length of the season can even vary from farm to farm depending on the varieties they've planted, soil type, access to irrigation and other factors. Strawberries like the long sunny days of summer with high temperatures between 70-80 degrees and slightly cooler nights in the low-to-mid 60's.

Here are a few tips and suggestions to help you enjoy your time in the berry patch! It's important to dress appropriately for the weather and the activity by wearing comfortable clothes and shoes. Some locations have straw or mulched rows but this varies from farm to farm. Most people prefer to pick early in the morning when temperatures are coolest and to avoid the risk of the farm being picked out before they arrive. Don't forget to bring sunscreen and/or a wide brimmed hat, even in the early mornings the sun can be hot (- we can be optimistic it WILL come out, right?) You'll want to check to see if the farm provides containers, or if you should bring your own containers - Tupperware or clean ice cream pails are great options. While picking, it's important to stay in the area you are directed to, this ensures you are picking the berries that are ready! Look for fully red, plump and firm berries because strawberries will not continue to ripen once picked. Always keep the cap and a little bit of the stem attached to the berries to keep them fresh as long as possible. Pick one strawberry at a time and set (do not toss!) the strawberry into your container. Don't forget to look between leaves for hidden strawberries!

Strawberry Salad recipe is on recipe page


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