Dassel Hillside Farm


It all started:

When Karl and Julie Townsend bought this farm in 1982 it was a cornfield.  We have planted many apple trees along with strawberry plants.  We are located in rural Dassel, Mn. about one hour west of the Twin Cities metro or half hour south of St. Cloud, MN. 

Current Crops include

 Fresh Apples in the Fall starting in Mid- August with crunchy Zestar apples. 

 We utilize integrated pest management techniques, in cooperation with the Minnesota Department of Agriculture and the University of Minnesota, to manage the farm. This means we spend a lot of time monitoring and trapping pests in order to minimize our use of pesticides. We do this to protect the environment and to ensure our apples are absolutely free of any pesticide residues when we pick them.



24492 MN Hwy 15 Dassel, MN 55325  

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