Dassel Hillside Farm


Apple Varieties grown on our farm listed in order of ripening

Approximate ripening dates

Aug 25  Zestar - Crispy, sweet apple.  Sweeter than Honeycrisp       SOLD OUT

Aug 25  Paula Red - Tart, crisp apples great for eating & baking        SOLD OUT 

Sept  7 Wealthy - Long time favorite apple for cooking           SOLD OUT

Sept 7 Ginger Gold - Sweet, Crisp eating apple. tastes like a pear.   SOLD OUT

Sept 7  Sweet Riverbelle - improved earlier, sweeter, more intense flavor of Honeycrisp  SOLD OUT

Sept 7  E68  - new variety earlier Honeycrisp    SOLD OUT

Sept 16  DS14 - new earlier, sweeter Honeycrisp. SOLD OUT

Sept 22  Cortland - Medium flavor apple with white flesh.     SOLD OUT

Sept 18 Sweet Sixteen - Sweetest apple that we grow.          SOLD OUT

Sept 18 Honeycrisp - Explosively Crisp! Customer favorite to eat.    SOLD OUT

Sept 24 Haralson - Tart Crisp apple great for eating & cooking       SOLD OUT

Sept 28 Regent - Haralson x Red Delicious Crisp and juicy. medium flavor  SOLD OUT

Oct  7 B51/sweet bee  supersweet Honeycrisp type    SOLD OUT

Oct 9 Pazazz   Crisp, sweet apple with more "zang"   


24492 MN Hwy 15 Dassel, MN 55325  320-275-2622


Open 10 am to 6 pm Wednesday through Saturday.

Our apples are all picked, washed, sorted and bagged for you.  

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